A step-by-step guide on how to claim an ICBC accident, ensuring that you understand the process and can receive the necessary support for your recovery.

What to do after an ICBC car crash


Step 1: Call ICBC and Claim your accident and injuries

  • In the Lower Mainland: 604-520-8222
  • Toll-free: 1-800-910-4222

Step 2: Report your injuries to ICBC and let the recovery team know you are injured. 

Step 3: Note your claim number and contact us to get started with your treatment right away. 

  • Motion Pro Health Burnaby: 236-521-9889
Claim your ICBC car accident online: Click here Book your free ICBC Massage, Physiotherapy, and Acupuncture treatment: Click here

After Accident Coverage from ICBC

ICBC Accident Benefits cover medical and recovery costs for all British Columbians injured in a crash under Enhanced Care

After a car accident you are automatically approved by ICBC in the first 12-weeks for the following treatments:

  • ICBC Physiotherapy 25 Sessions
  • ICBC Massage Therapy 12 Sessions
  • ICBC Acupuncture 12 Sessions
  • ICBC Kinesiology 12 sessions
  • ICBC Counselling 12 sessions
  • ICBC Psychologist 12 sessions
  • ICBC Chiropractor 25 sessions

After 12 weeks we can request for extended approval at no cost for our cliients. 

Call our Burnaby Clinic if you have any questions about your car accident injuries or coverages: 1-236-521-9889

Book an ICBC Injury Assessment here: Let us take care of our your coverage and treatments:

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