What is Kinesiology after a Motor Vehicle Accident?

12 pre-approved sessions - no additional fees required

Kinesiology is the scientific study of human movement and body function. Post-accident, Kinesiology services in Burnaby Metrotown aim to restore your strength, flexibility, and balance, helping you return to your regular activities swiftly. Our Kinesiologists at Motion Pro Health are well-trained professionals specializing in motor vehicle accident recovery

Our Kinesiologists develop personalized treatment plans targeting your specific injuries and rehabilitation needs. Our Kinesiologists can also recommend and request recovery equippement and a gym pass from ICBC on your behalf for sustained recovery after your accident. 

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Benefits of our Kinesiology services in Burnaby Metrotown:

  • Speedy Recovery: Our Burnaby-based Kinesiologists design exercise programs to improve your physical function and wellbeing, accelerating your recovery process.

  • Certified Practitioners: Our kinesiologists in Burnaby Metrotown are certified in Whiplash, Graston Technique, and Stretch Therapy. This wide range of certified skills allows us to treat various injuries and conditions effectively.

    1. Whiplash Certification: Specialized training in whiplash treatment equips our therapists with the knowledge to manage and mitigate symptoms associated with whiplash injuries.
    2. Graston Technique: This innovative, evidence-based form of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization enables clinicians to effectively break down scar tissue and fascial restrictions.
    3. Stretch Therapy: This technique improves flexibility, enhances movement, and aids in injury prevention and recovery.
  • Return to Work: Our Kinesiology services in Burnaby Metrotown provide assistance to help you return to work safely after an accident. We offer guidance on modifying your workplace or job duties to prevent further injury.

  • Recovery Equipment and Gym Pass Request: At Motion Pro Health in Burnaby, we assist in requesting recovery equipment from ICBC and securing a gym pass after your active rehab, ensuring a sustained recovery.

  • No Additional Fees: Our Kinesiology services in Burnaby Metrotown are fully covered by ICBC for 12 sessions within the first 12 weeks post-accident, with no additional fees required.

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