ICBC Physiotherapy

What is ICBC-Covered Physiotherapy at Motion Pro Health?

Motion Pro Health in Burnaby Metrotown provides ICBC-covered physiotherapy specifically tailored for individuals involved in a motor vehicle accident. This insurance coverage ensures a pre-approved set of 24 treatments within the first 12 weeks post-accident, facilitating essential physical rehabilitation. Our experienced physiotherapists are dedicated to helping you manage pain, restore functionality, and resume your daily activities safely and quickly.

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Benefits of Physiotherapy at Motion Pro Health:

  • Full Coverage: The 24 therapy sessions within the initial 12 weeks are completely covered by ICBC, ensuring no hidden costs or fees for you.
  • Immediate Initiation: Early treatment significantly accelerates the recovery process, reducing pain and averting potential long-term complications.
  • Expert Therapists: Our registered physiotherapists bring years of expertise in handling post-accident injuries and are devoted to your recovery.
  • Personalized Treatment Plans: At Motion Pro Health, we design rehabilitation programs specifically tailored to your unique needs and health objectives.
  • Enhanced Mobility and Strength: Through consistent physiotherapy sessions, we aim to boost your mobility and strength, restoring your ability to perform routine tasks.
  • Pain Management: Our experts employ various techniques to manage and alleviate pain associated with motor vehicle accidents.
  • Emotional Support: Physiotherapy can also offer emotional support, assisting in managing stress and anxiety that often follow traumatic incidents
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